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IPNA Currents 3/2020

Dear Members and Friends
Although most of us are still working in challenging circumstances and have to change many of our work processes amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, the IPNA mission must go on so that children with kidney disease will continue to receive the best available care. So I am really grateful to all our Council members and IPNA volunteers who have contributed their time to fulfil their obligations to the various Committees and to enable that our mission continues albeit in a different way. The very successful IPNA webinars have taken the place of the teaching courses which have been put on hold due to travel restrictions. The large global audience that these webinars have reached, and the active twitters that emanated from them are testament to the enthusiasm of our IPNA members and the quality of the lectures. A special mention of thanks to Dr Pierre Cochat and the Communication Committee for their work on the IPNA-COVID initiative to provide up to date information during these trying times. In addition, IPNA has approved new regional training centers, the latest being the Santa Casa de Belo Horizonte Hospital, in Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, as the new Brazilian training Center for Latin America.
On another note, our long serving co-editor of our journal Pediatric Nephrology, Dr Michel Baum, will be leaving us at the end of this year. We really thank him for his work in helping the journal achieve its current status and impact factor. At this time also, IPNA would like to welcome our new co-editor, Dr Joseph Flynn, who will be working with Dr Lesley Rees, to take our journal forward.
I wish everyone well in the coming months as we continue to innovate and change the way we do things. We have many challenges in particular with the changing economic climate brought on by the pandemic. Despite this, we have managed to achieve a record increase in membership numbers this year. I am sure IPNA will continue to grow with your continuing support.

With Warm Regards,

Hui Kim Yap
IPNA President

Free access to all educational materials on IPNA Website
It is IPNA‘s mission to lead the global efforts to successfully address the care for all children with Kidney disease through advocacy, education, and training. We are aware that the access to education is limited these days as many congresses and meetings are being cancelled or postponed, including the IPNA Teaching courses.

Given this fact we have decided to make all educational materials on the IPNA website accessible to everyone for the rest of the year 2020. 


Pediatric Nephrology in Myanmar

In the latest contribution about the Pediatric Nephrology around the world, Dr. Yi Yi Khin summarizes the progress in care in Myanmar.
Read the Article Here
Interview with Prof. Otto Mehls

The Ira Greifer Award of the IPNA awarded every 3 years, recognizes individuals who exemplify IPNA”s missions and goals and have demonstrated local/national leadership and have made significant contributions to IPNA.
In 2019, Professor Dr Otto Mehls was awarded the Ira Greifer Award. 
Read the Interview Here
IPNA Membership in numbers

We are very pleased to see the growing interest in IPNA Membership. By the end of July, IPNA had 1705 members, which means we have already exceeded the record-breaking number from last year - 1660 members.  The fact that our membership arises from 113 countries is reflective of the truly global reach of our organization.

This is very encouraging for the IPNA Council and highlights the importance of the responsibility we have to help carry out IPNA’s mission and to build on the commitment IPNA has to our patients and families, as well as to our members.  

Transparency and interaction with our members is important to us and thus we have recently published, for the first time in IPNA history, a call for volunteers to join the IPNA Committees. The interest exceeded our expectations, as we received a total of 79 excellent applications.  While we are sorry that we were not able to place all applicants on a committee at this time, we are considering a second call as a result of the terrific response.
Percentage of IPNA Membership around the world in graphic.

Top 10 countries: 
1. USA
2. Japan
3. China
4. India
5. United Kingdom
6. Canada
7. Brazil
8. Argentina
9. Saudi Arabia
10. Germany

IPNA Education

In the spotlight: First joint ISN-IPNA Webinar

COVID-19 and the kidney: interesting differences and similarities between children and adults
This new joint endeavor of the ISN and IPNA kicked off on July 1, 2020 with a great presentation on Covid-19 and the kidneys (COVID-19 and the kidney: interesting differences and similarities between children and adults) co-presented by Rupesh Raina (IPNA representative, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Akron Children’s/Cleveland Clinic in US) and Vivekanand Jha (ISN President, Professor and Executive Director of the George Institute for Global Health India), with 279 participants for the live presentation and many more now viewing the recorded session online (located on both IPNA and ISN websites).
This joint webinar series is devoted to presentations on kidney disorders of interest to pediatric and adult nephrologists and practitioners and each is moderated by another member of ISN or IPNA who handles the Q & A section at the end of the webinar.
This first presentation was well done, timely and provided much recent information on COVID-19 and the kidney. It generated 25 questions from the very engaged audience and is now available here.
Our joint ISN-IPNA planning committee will organize 2-3 such webinars each year devoted to kidney issues that concern both adult and pediatric nephrologists for our joint education.  Topics to be addressed later in 2020 include CAKUT and Treatment of SLE Nephritis.  The IPNA Professional Education Committee has developed an IPNA Webinar Sub-Committee (John D Mahan, Elena Levtchenko, Happy Sawires, Neha Agarwal, Eugene Chan and Ruth McDonald) that will help organize these webinars.
We look forward to an excellent series of webinars to come!
John D Mahan/Elena Levtchenko
IPNA Professional Education Committee
Webinar Recordings

Next Webinars


Sept, 24: Clinical practice recommendations for the diagnosis and management of X-linked hypophosphataemia (Francesco Emma)

Oct, 15: Dietetic management of calcium-phosphate in children with CKD stage 2-5 and on dialysis - clinical practice recommendations from the pediatric renal nutrition task force (Louise McAlister and Rukshana Shroff)

Nov, 12: IPNA Clinical Practice Recommendations for the Diagnosis and Management of Children with Steroid-resistant Nephrotic Syndrome (Agnes Traumann)

Dec, 10: Pediatric UTI: The North American recommendations (Brian Becknell)  and the Indian recommendations (Pankaj Hari)

Fellowship Program: List of the IPNA Training Centers is growing
IPNA is proud to announce that Santa Casa de Belo Horizonte Hospital, in Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, has been accepted as the new Brazilian training Center for Latin America.

This is a 121-year-old health center, and the biggest public hospital in the state. With around 1,000 hospital beds and one of the most active hospitals in Brazil, it has been consolidated as the largest pediatric kidney transplantation and dialysis center in Minas during the last 10 years. It is the main public referral center for pediatric nephrology for 20,8 million inhabitants. The Pediatric Nephrology Unit of the Nephrology Center of Santa Casa de Belo Horizonte was set-up in 2002, and 12 years later the medical residency in Pediatric Nephrology was developed. Six full-time pediatric nephrologists provide care in acute and chronic dialysis, kidney transplantation and outpatient clinic.

Currently, this Center includes a Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis program, and a strong kidney transplantation program with more than 70 patients transplanted since 2011. As a training center for medical residents in the country, academic and educational activities are among the most important tasks and challenges.

The team hopes to make history together with ALANEPE and IPNA in the care of Latin American pediatric patients with kidney diseases.

Maria Goretti Moreira Guimarães Penido, MD, PhD
Head of the Pediatric Nephrology Unit of Santa Casa de Belo Horizonte Hospital 
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Up to date there are 40 training centers recognized by IPNA around the world. You can view the full list on our website.
IPNA Patient Education Resources
The aim of the patient education resources on the IPNA website is to provide patients and their caregivers access to links that lead to reliable and trustworthy information about various pediatric renal disorders, that is easy to understand and apply. This is intended to improve disease-specific knowledge and self-management skills, improve self-esteem and reduce illness-related anxiety or mortality.

The links to the various topics are classified by country, by language or by disease:
  • Classification by Country:
There are more than 245 links from 32 different countries. These links include a wide range of pediatric nephrology topics of interest to the patients and parents of children with renal disease. They are available in 21 different languages including (alphabetically arranged) Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Gujarat, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Tamil.
  • Classification by Language:
Again, many other useful links are available classified by language. There are at present 26 different languages leading to a wider range of pediatric nephrology and urology topics.
  • Classification by Disease:
At present, there are links to 16 different pediatric renal diseases, as well as 7 procedures related to pediatric nephrology and urology.
The above resources need continuous revision and updating. The Patient Education Committee is continuously reviewing the different links to ensure they are useful and functional.
All pediatric nephrologists and physicians caring for children with renal disease can support this effort by:
Accessing the various available links to check functionality and usefulness for patients and their caregivers
Informing the Patient Education Committee of any comments and suggestions.
Searching the net for other useful patient education links in various languages and informing the Committee of these links
Encouraging their patients to access the links and receiving feedback from them concerning their usefulness.

Please forward your comments and suggestions to

Prof. Hesham Safouh
IPNA Patient Education Committee Chair

Fellowship Program: Applications postponed

Due to the difficult year that we are having when many of the fellowship training programs had to be postponed, we decided that the  deadline  for the next application will be in April 2021 and not in October as in previous years.

We expect the application forms to be available in December-January.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Practice & Standards Commmitte Update

Dear IPNA Colleagues,

The committee is pleased to announce the publication of the first IPNA guideline on « steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome in children ». Since its release in May 2020 in Pediatric Nephrology, the committee as well as many dedicated IPNA colleagues have been busy translating the document into different languages, some of which are already available on the IPNA website: Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, ...
Others are expected soon.

The committee is currently working on an adaptation of the guideline document for patients. Based on this success, the committee has embarked on a second guideline project on steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome in children. The core group has been set up and has met virtually.  The review of the literature is in progress, and the manuscript is expected to be submitted in a year's time.

The committee has also conducted an online survey among colleagues from IPNA and regional Societies to establish the needs and expectations in terms of guideline development.  We would like to thank all the 765 colleagues who responded to this survey, the results of which are currently being analysed.

Finally, the committee is in the process of organizing the first IPNA guideline workshop that was originally planned in Taipei in September 2020 and is now rescheduled on March 30-31, 2021. Depending on the Covid situation, this meeting will take place on site, virtually, or both.
Olivia Boyer
Best Practice and Standards Committee Co-Chair

Check the Guidelines on Nephrotic Syndrome in various languages

History & Archive Announcement

IPNA has accumulated  in print and digital forms the histories of pediatric nephrology and of IPNA and regional  pediatric nephrology societies.
To continue conserving our history, we ask members to collect pictures, documents, proceedings from meetings, awards and other memorable items. These can be scanned and sent to the central IPNA website for uploading into the IPNA/Regional Societies’ website.
We further encourage that digital recordings of the senior members of your nephrology community or contributors to the field be obtained for uploading. 
Thank you,

Frederick Kaskel and Yam-Ngo Lim
IPNA History and Archives Committee


When the world goes virtual, IPNA does as well
Like everyone else, IPNA has shifted to more active teleconferencing in the Covid era in order to accomplish goals set forth by our strategic plan. In the last three months, 26 conference calls were conducted involving both IPNA Committees and the IPNA Executive Committee.

While the IPNA Council Meeting was originally scheduled to take place in Taipei in September, a virtual meeting will occur instead on the 9th & 10th of September. If you would like to bring any issues to our attention in preparation for that meeting, please share your thoughts, ideas or comments with the IPNA Office.
Please consider supporting IPNA programs in underserved communities around the world. Donate now.

Become an IPNA contributor!

Do you have any interesting news in the field of Pediatric Nephrology? Have you participated in an IPNA Teaching Course, are you doing the fellowship programme or have you recently visited an interesting workshop or congress? Contact Lucie from the IPNA Office at
IPNA Administrative Office
Address: C-IN, 5.kvetna 65, Prague Congress Centre, 140 21, Prague 4, Czech Republic