Poster Session I   
Forensic organic chemistry, pharmacology, drug analysis

Room:Poster Area Date & time:07-Sep-2015 18:10 19:10
18:10 Headspace gas chromatography–mass spectrometry method for the analysis of ethanol and methanol  P 049
Poster Presenter:  D. salkim islek1, S. Ramadanoglu1, S. cengiz1. 1Istanbul University Institute of Forensic Sciences, Forensic Science, Istanbul, Turkey.  
18:10 Socio-demographic characteristics of individuals addicted to crystallized methamphetamine named “Shishe” among Iranian patients experiencing psychotic disorders  P 052
Poster Presenter:  M. Sarbaz1, S.M. Saberi2. 1Legal Medicine Organization, Forensic Medicine, Tehran, Iran. 2Legal Medicine Organization- Tehran-Iran, Legal medicine research center, Tehran, Iran.  
18:10 Wet amphetamine is full of harmful, organic solvents  P 055
Poster Presenter:  L. Reitzel1, M. Nærø1, I. Breum Müller1. 1University of Copenhagen, Department of Forensic Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark.  
18:10 The investigation of pyrolysis products of anti- retro viral drugs in a cannabis vehicle  P 058
Poster Presenter:  G.N. Phokedi1, N. Nic Daeid1. 1Dundee University, Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, Dundee, United Kingdom.  
18:10 New challenges in drug analysis associated with marketing of new psychoactive substances  P 061
Poster Presenter:  D. Zuba1. 1Institute of Forensic Research, Department of Forensic Toxicology, Kraków, Poland.  
18:10 Spice in Portugal: a source of NPS standards  P 064
Poster Presenter:  C. Leal1,2, C. Gonçalves1, S. Ciríaco1, A. Matias1,2, J. Rodrigues2, H. Gaspar1. 1Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa, Departamento de Química e Bioquímica, Lisbon, Portugal. 2Laboratório de Polícia Científica da Polícia Judiciária, Especialidade Forense de Toxicologia, Lisbon, Portugal.  
18:10 Collect, analyze, evaluate, organize, share – a response to challenges in forensic drugs analyses  P 067
Poster Presenter:  S. Klemenc1, J. Košmrlj2, F. Van Durme3, T. Houra4, L. Ask Reitzel5, M. Johannsen6, L. Dujourdy7, T. Csesztregi8. 1Ministry of the Interior Police, National Forensic Laboratory, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2University Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 3National Institute of Criminalistics and Criminology, Chemistry department, Brussels, Belgium. 4Ministry of the Interior- Forensic Science Centre ¨Ivan Vucetic¨, Chemistry department, Zagreb, Croatia. 5Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences- University of Copenhagen, Department of Forensic Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark. 6Aarhus University, Department of Forensic Medicine, Aarhus N, Denmark. 7National Forensic Institute, Laboratory of Lyon, Ecully Cedex, France. 8Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences, Chemistry department, Budapest, Hungary.  
18:10 Determination of psilocybin and psilocin by HPLC/MS in an unusual form of „magic mushroom”  P 070
Poster Presenter:  T. Veress1, T. Balázs2, T. Csesztregi1, J. Nagy1. 1Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences, Drug and Arson Investigation, Budapest, Hungary. 2Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences, Physics & Chemistry, Budapest, Hungary.  
18:10 Chemical profiling of paper blotter seized substances in the Brazilian Federal District Civil Police forensic laboratory  P 073
Poster Presenter:  L. Arantes1,2, H. Faúla2, L. Bó2, K. Plácido2, B. Ferreira3, E. Ramalho1. 1Policia Civil do Distrito Federal, Secao de Pericias e Analises Laboratoriais - Instituto de Criminalistica, Brasilia, Brazil. 2Universidade de Brasilia - UnB, Departamento de Quimica, Brasilia, Brazil. 3Fundacao de Peritos em Criminalistica Ilaraine Acacio Arce, Departamento de Pesquisa, Brasilia, Brazil.  
18:10 Forensic detection and identification of 2-[(Dimethylamino)methyl]-1-(3-methoxyphenyl)cyclohexanol : A case report  P 076
Poster Presenter:  V. Dhingra1. 1regional forensic science laboratory, toxicology department, gwalior madhya pradesh, India.  
18:10 Statistical analysis of nmr and gc-ms for detection of illegal petroleum products  P 079
Poster Presenter:  M. KWON1, W.Y. Park2, S.C. KIM3. 1National Forensic Service, Yangsan, Korea- South. 2National Forensic Service, Forensic Chemistry, Yangsan, Korea- South. 3National Forensic Service, Drug & Toxicology, Yangsan, Korea- South.  
18:10 Development of SPME analysis towards blood detection for the development of training tools for police dogs  P 082
Poster Presenter:  J. Brooks1, G. Taylor1. 1Teesside University, School of Science and Engineering, Middlesbrough, .  
18:10 CSI:MS An Overview of Mass Spectrometry Use (and Abuse) in Crime Scene Investigations  P 085
Poster Presenter:  S. Walker1. 1Flinders University, Forensic- Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, Adelaide, Australia.  


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