Poster Session I   
Forensic DNA analysis and related issues

Room:Poster Area Date & time:07-Sep-2015 18:10 19:10
18:10 Copan crime scene e genetics 4N6FLOQSwabs are supporting DNA preservation for long term storage  P 163
Poster Presenter:  A. SQUASSINA1, S. castriciano2. 1Copan Italia S.p.A, Microbiology laboratory, BRESCIA, Italy. 2Copan Italia S.p.A, Scientific Affairs Manager, BRESCIA, Italy.  
18:10 Slim – a new computer system  P 166
Poster Presenter:  L. Albinsson1, C. Dufva1, C. Forsberg1, L. Norén1, S. Boiso Moreno1, R. Hedell1, L. Ek2, L. Ringdahl2, M. Olstedt1, E. Dalin1. 1Swedish National Forensic Centre - NFC, Biology, Linköping, Sweden. 2Swedish Police Authority, IT department, Stockholm, Sweden.  
18:10 Molecular genetics as a tool for forensic entomologists  P 169
Poster Presenter:  Č. Horecký1, J. Podhorná2, E. Horecká1, A. Knoll1, M. Borkovcová2. 1Mendel University in Brno, Department of Animal Morphology, Physiology and Genetics / CEITEC Mendelu, Brno. 2Mendel University in Brno, Department of Zoology, Fisheries, Hydrobiology and Apiculture.  
18:10 CYP3A4*2, *3, *10, *17 alleles in fentanyl users  P 172
Poster Presenter:  A. Torun1, G. Rayimoglu1, S. Mercan1, K. Keskinbora2, M. Acıkkol1. 1Istanbul University, Institute of Forensic Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey. 2Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine Department of Pain, Istanbul, Turkey.  
18:10 A preliminary study of the persistence of DNA in the tropical climate of Singapore  P 175
Poster Presenter:  C.L.Y. Lee1, H.Y. Wong1, J.Y. Lee1, C.K.C. Syn1,2. 1Health Sciences Authority, Biology Division- Applied Sciences Group, Singapore, Singapore.  
18:10 The use of DNA analyses in cancer cases: a case of gastric cancer (?)  P 178
Poster Presenter:  E.H. Yukseloglu1, G. Rayimoglu1, F. Cavus1, O. Karatas1, K. Dastan1, T. Unsal1, Y.T. Demircan1, M. Acikkol1. 1Istanbul University, Institute of Forensic Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey.  
18:10 DNActivity: International cooperation in activity level interpretation of forensic DNA evidence  P 181
Poster Presenter:  B. Aarts1, B. Kokshoorn1, L. Mc Kenna2, W. Drotz3, R. Ansell3, R. van Oorschot4, A. Kloosterman1. 1Netherlands Forensic Institute, Biological Traces and DNA, The Hague, Netherlands. 2Forensic Science Ireland, DNA department, Dublin, Ireland. 3Swedish National Forensic Centre, DNA department, Linköping, Sweden. 4Office of the Chief Forensic Scientist, Victoria Police Forensic Services Department, Macleod- Victoria, Australia.  
18:10 Performance of Copan NUCLEIC-CARD™ for storage and preservation of biological samples for forensic human identification  P 184
Poster Presenter:  A. Gervasoni1, S. Castriciano1. 1Copan Italia Spa, Laboratory, Brescia, Italy.  
18:10 The Czech Project: The link between genetics and surname  P 187
Poster Presenter:  V. Stenzl1, L. Ewerlingova2. 1ICP, Department of genetics, Prague, Czech Republic. 2Masaryk University- Faculty of Science, Department of Biochemistry, Brno, Czech Republic.  
18:10 Validation of forensic DNA profiling scheme to maximize sample success and successful interpretation with 3500 and globalfiler without sample pre-quantitation  P 190
Poster Presenter:  F. Valerie1, D. Bautista2, F. Bertoni3, C. Carreón4, S. Pérez4, R. Quintana4, J. Medel5, J. López2, C. Celis4. 1ICITAP, forensic DNA consultant, Puebla, Mexico. 2PGJ Puebla, Lab. Genetica Forense, puebla, Mexico. 3PGJ Puebla, Lab. Genetica, Puebla, Mexico. 4PGJ Puebla, Lab. Genética Forense, Puebla, Mexico. 5PGJ Puebla, Lab. Genética, Puebla, Mexico.  
18:10 Residual soil DNA extraction improves soil biota characterization for forensic discrimination and reconstruction of past environments  P 193
Poster Presenter:  J. Young1, L. Weyrich1, A. Cooper1, J. Austin1. 1University of Adelaide, Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, Adelaide- South Australia, Australia.  
18:10 Key learning points from the application of mrna analysis in casework  P 199
Poster Presenter:  J. Howarth1, R. Fleming2. 1ESR, Auckland, New Zealand. 2ESR, Forensic Biology, Auckland, New Zealand.  
18:10 Establishing Australian mtDNA haplogroup distributions to assist with ancestry identification of historical military remains  P 202
Poster Presenter:  D. Higgins1, F. Bardan1, J. Austin1, K. Wright2. 1The University of Adelaide, Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, Adelaide, Australia. 2Griffith University, School of Natural Sciences, Nathan, Australia.  


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