Poster Session I   
Forensic analysis of handwriting, authenticity verification of means of payments and stamps, technical examination of documents and paper

Room:Poster Area Date & time:07-Sep-2015 18:10 19:10
18:10 Evidence Evaluation in Handwriting AnalysisA poster for EAFS 2015 7th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference  P 208
Poster Presenter:  D. Belic1, A. Molin1, A. Nordgaard2. 1The Swedish National Forensic Centre - NFC, Information Technology- Questioned Documents, Linköping, Sweden. 2The Swedish National Forensic Centre - NFC, NFC, Linköping, Sweden.  
18:10 Artificial aging of victoria blue  P 211
Poster Presenter:  E. İşat1, D. Salkım İşlek1, B.H. Güngör1, S. Cengiz1. 1ıstanbul university of forensic science, forensic toxicology, ıstanbul, Turkey.  
18:10 Dating of questioned documents by solvents, resins and binders  P 214
Poster Presenter:  A. Hahn1, F. Köhler1, P. Seiler1, B. Anheier1, D. Kirsch1. 1Bundeskriminalamt, Forensic Science Institute, Wiesbaden, Germany.  
18:10 Difference between high and low skill level in forensic arabic handwriting – case study.  P 217
Poster Presenter:  Y. Askar1. 1Ministry of Justice - Forensic Science administration, Forgery and Counterfeiting, Shattora, Egypt.  
18:10 Dating of black ballpoint pen inks using multivariate chemometrics based on their UV-vis reflectance spectra  P 220
Poster Presenter:  L. Bartolomé1, I. Duran2, I. San Román2, M. Ezcurra3, I. Maguregui4, R.M. Alonso2. 1University of the Basque Country, Advanced Research Facilities, Leioa, Spain. 2University of the Basque Country, Analytical Chemistry, Leioa, Spain. 3LEYAS Investigaciones Forenses Documentales, R&D, Pamplona, Spain. 4University of the Basque Country, Paint Department, Leioa, Spain.  


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