Poster Session I   
Evidence interpretation

Room:Poster Area Date & time:07-Sep-2015 18:10 19:10
18:10 An extension of likelihood ratio methodology for the multiclass classification task  P 274
Poster Presenter:  P. Wlasiuk1, A. Martyna1, G. Zadora2,3. 1Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Faculty of Chemistry, Krakow, Poland. 2Institute of Forensic Research, Criminalistics, Krakow, Poland.  
18:10 Performance of a calibrated likelihood ratio model for the evaluation of evidence in forensic glass analysis  P 277
Poster Presenter:  A. van Es1, P. Vergeer2. 1Netherlands Forensic Institute, Microtraces, The Hague, Netherlands. 2Netherlands Forensic Institute, Statistics, The Hague, Netherlands.  
18:10 Transparent statements at NFC  P 280
Poster Presenter:  P. Bergström1, K. Brorsson Läthén1. 1Swedish National Forensic Centre, Information Technology, Linköping, Sweden.  
18:10 The interpretation and presentation of trace element analysis of high purity copper evidence  P 283
Poster Presenter:  C. Saunders1, D. Ommen1, J. Dettman2, J. Buscaglia3. 1South Dakota State University, Mathematics and Statistics, Brookings, USA. 2FBI Laboratory-ORISE, Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit, Quantico, USA. 3FBI Laboratory, Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit, Quantico, USA.  
18:10 Forensic intelligence and the investigation of cold cases in the region of Stockholm, Sweden  P 286
Poster Presenter:  M. Nilsson1, E. Wettborg2. 1Swedish National Police, Swedish National Forensic Centre, Stockholm, Sweden. 2Swedish National Police- Region of Stockholm, Forensic unit, Stockholm, Sweden.  


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