Poster Session I   
Forensic toxicology

Room:Poster Area Date & time:07-Sep-2015 18:10 19:10
18:10 A study to estimate the neoformation of alcohol in postmortem blood samples at different time intervals  P 292
Poster Presenter:  Y. bansal1, S.D. attrey1, S. kumar1. 1PGIMER, Forensic Medicine, Chandigarh, India.  
18:10 A primary study on the synergistic effect of diazepam and ethanol: changes in median lethal dose and metabolism of diazepam  P 295
Poster Presenter:  R. Wang1, L. Liu1, Y. Liu1, X. Zhou1, Q. Liu1. 1Tongji Medical College- Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Forensic Medicine, Wuhan, China Peoples Republic.  
18:10 First approaches for the impurity profiling of cannabimimetic designer drugs by UHPLC-MSn and GC-MS  P 298
Poster Presenter:  S. Münster-Müller1, D. Weigel2, M. Pütz2. 1University of Rostock, Chemistry, Rostock, Germany. 2Federal Criminal Police Office, KT34, Wiesbaden, Germany.  
18:10 Metabolism and urine analysis of the new synthetic cannabinoid MDMB-CHMICA  P 301
Poster Presenter:  F. Franz1, N. Schwörer1, V. Angerer1, V. Auwärter1. 1Institute of Forensic Medicine, Forensic Toxicology, Freiburg, Germany.  
18:10 Forensic toxicology in Turkey  P 304
Poster Presenter:  M. Buldu1, M. Bilir1, D. Oner1, B. Karadayi2, I. Cakir1, G. Cetin2, S. Cengiz1. 1Istanbul University, Institute of Forensic Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey. 2Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty- Department of Forensic Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey.  


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