Poster Session I   
Forensic medicine, legal medicine and forensic pathology

Room:Poster Area Date & time:07-Sep-2015 18:10 19:10
18:10 A pathological analysis of a fatal case of dimethyl sulfate poisoning  P 307
Poster Presenter:  X. Zhou1, L. Liu1, Y. Wang1, Q. Liu1, Y. Liu1, L. Ren1, R. Wang1, Y. Yan1. 1Tongji Medical College- Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Forensic Medicine, Wuhan, China Peoples Republic.  
18:10 Changes in synovial fluid as possible criteria for death time determination  P 310
Poster Presenter:  S. Vardanyan1. 1Yerevan State Medical University, Forensic Medicine, Yerevan, Armenia.  
18:10 Forensic evaluation of medical death certificates  P 313
Poster Presenter:  M. ALLOUCHE1, M. Maamer1, A. Mrabet1, M. Zhioua1, O. Bekir1, F. GLOULOU1, M. Hamdoun1. 1Charles Nicolle Hospital, Forensic Depratment, Tunis, Tunisia.  
18:10 Forensic Veterinary Medicine… a discipline that dignifies the justice!  P 316
Poster Presenter:  A. Barbaro1, V. Toledo González2. 1Studio Indagini Mediche E Forensi SIMEF, Forensic Genetics, Reggio Calabria, Italy. 2Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias y Pecuarias, Santiago, Chile.  
18:10 Sexual assault and torture by a medium with polio sequela  P 319
Poster Presenter:  H. Kar1, H. Dokgoz1, O. Kocyatagı1, C. Ozdemir2. 1Mersin University, Forensic Medicine, Mersin, Turkey. 2Erciyes University, Forensic Medicine, Kayseri, Turkey.  
18:10 Role of smoking in sudden ischemic death: a necropsy series of 211 cases  P 325
Poster Presenter:  M. Allouche1, N. BOUDRIGA2, M. SHIMI1, M. ZAAFRANE1, O. BEKIR1, A. BANASR1, M. HAMDOUN1. 1Charles Nicolle Hospital, Forensic department, Tunis, Tunisia. 2Ben Arous Hospital- Ben Arous- Tunisia, Emmergency Department-, Tunis, Tunisia.  
18:10 "Bowel wall hemorrhage": a characteristic sign in hanging death  P 328
Poster Presenter:  A. Okazi1, V. yousefinejad1, B. behnoush1. 1Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Forensic Medicine, Tehran, Iran.  
18:10 The evaluation of child sexual abuse cases referred to Erciyes University child protection center  P 331
Poster Presenter:  Ç. Özdemir1, H. Asil1, D.B. Öztop2, M. Kondolot3, A. Asdemir4, S. Doğanay5, S. Özmen2, H. Keskinkılıç6, G. Ertürk7. 1Erciyes University, Forensic Medicine, Kayseri, Turkey. 2Erciyes University, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Kayseri, Turkey. 3Erciyes University, Pediatrics, Kayseri, Turkey. 4Erciyes University, Psychiatry, Kayseri, Turkey. 5Erciyes University, Pediatric Radiology, Kayseri, Turkey. 6Council of Forensic Medicine, Konya Branch Directorate, Konya, Turkey. 7Erciyes University, Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, Kayseri, Turkey.  
18:10 Assessing mechanisms of injury in hyoid bone fractures  P 334
Poster Presenter:  I. Šplíchalová1, P. Urbanová1, M. Jurda1, P. Hejna2. 1Masaryk University- Faculty of Science, Department of Anthropology, Brno, Czech Republic. 2Charles University - Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of Forensic Medicine, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.  
18:10 Transsexualism “versus” or “in comorbidity with” a genetic disease? Case report.  P 337
Poster Presenter:  B. Malinescu1, G. Costea2. 1Ilfov Medico-Legal Service, Head of the Ilfov Medico-Legal Service, Bucharest, Romania. 2"Mina Minovici" National Institute of Legal Medicine- Bucharest- Romania, Forensic Psychiatry, Bucharest, Romania.  
18:10 "Unsafe rectal temperature measurements due to delayed warming of the thermocouple by using an additional layer."  P 340
Poster Presenter:  T. Krap1, J. Meurs2, J. Boertjes3, W. Duijst2. 1Academic Medical Center, Anatomy- Embryology & Physiology, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2Ars Cogniscendi, Center for legal and forensic medicine, Wezep, Netherlands. 3Van Hall Larenstein- University of Applied Sciences, Biotechnology- Forensic Science, Leeuwarden, Netherlands.  
18:10 What hair strands can reveal about changes of living circumstances of individuals – information received by stable isotope analyses  P 343
Poster Presenter:  C. Lehn1, E.M. Kalbhenn1, M. Graw1, A. Rossmann2. 1Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Institute of Forensic Medicine, Munich, Germany. 2Isolab GmbH, Laboratory for Stable Isotope Analyses, Schweitenkirchen, Germany.  
18:10 Murder by shooting or repeated hitting with a hard object; case study  P 346
Poster Presenter:  G.C. Mihalache1, C.L. Buhas1. 1University of Oradea- Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Forensic Medicine, Oradea, Romania.  
18:10 Femoral neuropathy after drainage of psoas abscess and nephrectomy: a case report  P 349
Poster Presenter:  E. BÜYÜKAKINCAK1, B. DURMUŞ1, I. ÇOBAN1, S. ATACAN ÇAĞLAR1, M. ERDEM1. 1Council of Forensic Medicine, 2 nd Specialization Board, Istanbul, Turkey.  
18:10 The child injured with a concrete beak - a case report  P 352
Poster Presenter:  S. alkan1, M. dincer1, M. cevik1, N. kantarci1. 1Turkish Council of Forensic Medicine, Forensic Medicine, İstanbul, Turkey.  
18:10 Tunisian university training in forensic medicine  P 355
Poster Presenter:  A. BENZARTI1, H. HARZALLAH2, M. HAMDOUN2. 1Charles Nicolle hospital, forensic medicine, TUNIS, Tunisia. 2Charles Nicole hospital, forensic medicine, TUNIS, Tunisia.  
18:10 Sexual homicide: epidemiology and legal aspects in Tunisia  P 358
Poster Presenter:  B.A. Wiem1, B. Sami1, N. Youssef1, J. Kaouthar1, Z. malek1, R. Karama1, H. Zouheir1, M. Samir1. 1EPS Habib Bourguiba, Forensic science department, sfax, Tunisia.  
18:10 A case report: evaluation of uvula loss in the terms of organ impairment  P 361
Poster Presenter:  Z. Orhan1, H. Şen2, Z.S. Koç2, Ü.N. Gündoğmuş3. 1Turkish Council of Forensic Medicine, 3rd Speciality Board, Istanbul, Turkey. 2Turkish Council of Forensic Medicine, 4th Speciality Board, Istanbul, Turkey. 3Turkish Council of Forensic Medicine, 2nd Speciality Board, Istanbul, Turkey.  
18:10 Sudden death due to the atrioventricular node region contusion: A report of three cases  P 364
Poster Presenter:  W. Li1, Y. Liang2, F. Tong2, L. Zhang2, Y. Zhou2. 1Department of Forensic Medicine- Huazhong University of Science and Technology- Tongji Medical College, Wuhan, China. 2Huazhong University of Science and Technology- Tongji Medical College, Department of Forensic Medicine, Wuhan, China.  
18:10 Sudden death due to fulminant malignant hyperthermia during a maxillofacial surgery  P 367
Poster Presenter:  W. Li1, F. Tong1, Y. Liang1, L. Zhang1, Y. Zhou1. 1Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology, Forensic Medcine, Wuhan, China.  
18:10 Malpractice in psychiatry  P 370
Poster Presenter:  Y.H. Balcioglu1, D. Kirbas2, F.E. Cevik2, F. Asicioglu2. 1Bakirkoy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Mental Health and Neurological Diseases Education and Research Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Istanbul, Turkey. 2Forensic Sciences of Istanbul University, Department of Medical Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey.  
18:10 Death following a slight blunt trauma in an adult after surgical correction of double-chamber right ventricle  P 373
Poster Presenter:  Y. Liang1, L. Zhang1, W. Li1, F. Tong1, Y. Zhou1. 1Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Department of Forensic Medicine, Wuhan, China.  
18:10 Aneurizma connected with subaraknoid blooding after the trauma  P 376
Poster Presenter:  F. Savran1. 1The ministry of justice, Council of forensic medicine, İstanbul, Turkey.  
18:10 The reliability of the depositions in domestic abuse: A case report  P 397
Poster Presenter:  A. Sözen1, M.C. Göktepe1, M. Er1, N. Alkan1. 1Istanbul University- Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey.  


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