Poster Session II   
Fire and explosions

Room:Poster Area Date & time:08-Sep-2015 18:10 19:10
18:10 Additional characteristics for the identification of gasoline in fire debris  P 104
Poster Presenter:  J. Hendrikse1, M. Grutters1, L. Peschier1. 1Netherlands Forensic Institute, Chemistry, The Hague, Netherlands.  
18:10 Study on the use of 3D Laser scanners for the forensic assessment of thermal damage in the concrete structural component  P 107
Poster Presenter:  M. Alqassim1, N. Nic Daeid2, R. Jones3. 1Dubai Police General Headquarters, General Department of Forensic Evidence and Criminology, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 2University of Dundee, Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, Dundee, United Kingdom. 3University of Dundee, Concrete Technology Unit, Dundee, United Kingdom.  
18:10 Field test kits for collection of ignitable liquids and ignitable liquid residues used by the NSW fire scene investigators  P 110
Poster Presenter:  K. Burda1, M. Black1, S. Djulamerovic1. 1NSW Forensic & Analytical Science Service, Chemical Criminalistics Unit, Lidcombe, Australia.  
18:10 Linking post-blast samples of consumer fireworks to their original chemical composition by ATR-FTIR  P 113
Poster Presenter:  C. Martin-Alberca1, F. Zapata1, H. Carrascosa1, C. García-Ruiz1. 1University of Alcala, Department of Analytical Chemistry- Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and University Institute of Research in Police Sciences IUICP, Alcala de Henares, Spain.  
18:10 Is it possible to identify new types of swedish biodiesels from fire debris samples using a passive headspace concentration ACS-method?  P 116
Poster Presenter:  M. Joge1, A.C. Enqvist1. 1NFC - Swedish National Forensic Centre, Chemistry and Technology, Linköping, Sweden.  
18:10 Screening and confirmation of nitramine, nitroaromatic and nitrate ester explosives in soil  P 119
Poster Presenter:  H. Sener1, S. Cengiz2. 1Istanbul Police Crime Laboratory, Istanbul, Turkey. 2Istanbul University, Institute of Forensic Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey.  


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