Poster Session III   
Fingerprints examination

Room:Poster Area Date & time:10-Sep-2015 17:30 18:30
17:30 Lighting up immunogenic fingermark reagents: fluorophore design and selection  P 003
Poster Presenter:  X. Spindler1, R. Shimmon1, C. Lennard2, C. Roux1. 1University of Technology Sydney, Centre for Forensic Science, Ultimo, Australia. 2University of Western Sydney, School of Science and Health, Richmond- NSW, Australia.  
17:30 Spectral separation of three or more overlapped fingermarks  P 006
Poster Presenter:  A. Nakamura1, N. Takashi1, Y. Hojo1, K. Yamamoto1, N. Akiba2, K. Kuroki2, K. Kurosawa3, F. Ichikawa4, A. Torao4, T. Sota1. 1Waseda university, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Tokyo, Japan. 2National Research Institute of Police Science, Physics section, Kashiwa, Japan. 3Research Institute of Police Science, Physics section, Kashiwa, Japan. 4JFE Techno-Research Corporation, Istrumental Technology Division, Chiba, Japan.  
17:30 A two-stage screening study of fingermark enhancement techniques on metal surfaces.  P 009
Poster Presenter:  L. Daly1,2, N. Nic Daeid1, K. Laing2, R. Downham3. 1University of Dundee, Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, Dundee, United Kingdom. 2Scottish Police Authority, Forensic Servies, Gartcosh, United Kingdom. 3Home Office, Centre for Applied Science and Technology, St. Albans, United Kingdom.  
17:30 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy: a deeper insight into the fingermarks ageing mechanism  P 012
Poster Presenter:  R. Rosa1, R. Giovanardi1, A. Bozza1, P. Veronesi1, C. Leonelli1. 1University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Department of Engineering "Enzo Ferrari", Modena, Italy.  
17:30 20 years of using CAFIS in Slovakia  P 015
Poster Presenter:  M. Španková1, Z. Némethová1, M. Kováč1, J. Polák1. 1Institute of Forensic Science, Department of Fingerprint Identification, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.  
17:30 Fingerprint on trigger: A real case  P 018
Poster Presenter:  B. Amata1, G.M. Aprea1, A. Chiuri1, F. Zampa1. 1Raggruppamento Carabinieri Investigazioni Scientifiche, Reparto Investigazioni Scientifiche Parma, Parma, Italy.  


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