Poster Session III   
Forensic biology, anthropology, entomology, botany and related fields

Room:Poster Area Date & time:10-Sep-2015 17:30 18:30
17:30 Effects of a buried carcass in the physicochemical properties of a sandy soil in a forest reserve in Amazonas.  P 021
Poster Presenter:  A. Antonio1, K. Bentes1, V. Oliveira2, L.S.M. Wiedemann1, R.L.F. Keppler3, A.R. Uchôa de Paula1, A.T.Ch. Aguiar1, L.C. Andrade da Costa1. 1Federal University of Amazonas, Chemistry Department, Manaus, Brazil. 2National Institute of Amazonian Research, Coordination of Researches in Entomology, Manaus, Brazil. 3Tohnson Sales.  
17:30 Validity of the sex assessment method from skull using CT scans (Fatah et al., 2014) in European population.  P 024
Poster Presenter:  B. Musilová1, J. Dupej1, K. Chaumoitre2, J. Bruzek1. 1Charles University- Faculty of Science, Department of Anthropology and Human Genetics, Prague, Czech Republic. 2Aix-Marseille University, Department of Radiology- North Hospital, Marseille, France.  
17:30 Microfungi on human corpse in the skeletisation stage  P 027
Poster Presenter:  E. Bellini1,2,3, E. Ambrosio2, S. Di Piazza2, M. Gabbrielli3, M. Zotti2. 1Cameron Forensic Medical Sciences, William Harvey Research Institute- Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry- QMUL., London, United Kingdom. 2Laboratory of Mycology, Department of Earth- Environmental and Life Sciences-University of Genoa., Genoa, Italy. 3Università degli Studi di Siena, Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche- Chirurgiche e Neuroscienze, Siena, Italy.  
17:30 HIP 1.0 - Novel software for sex determination using traditional and geometric morphometrics of human hip bone  P 030
Poster Presenter:  J. Jungerová1, M. Králík1, P. Urbanová1, S. Katina2, O. Klíma3. 1Masaryk University- Faculty of Science, Department of Anthropology, Brno, Czech Republic. 2Masaryk University- Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Brno, Czech Republic. 3Brno University of Technology- Faculty of Information Technology, Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Brno, Czech Republic.  
17:30 Expectations of the new National Laboratory of Forensic Sciences-UNAM in Mexico.  P 033
Poster Presenter:  L. Valencia Caballero1, Z. García Castillo1, C. Loyzance2, I. Gil Chavarría1. 1Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Licenciatura en Ciencia Forense, México- D. F., Mexico. 2Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Licenciatura en Ciencia Forense, México- D. F, Mexico.  
17:30 An assessment of the subjectivity of sperm scoring  P 036
Poster Presenter:  S. Tobe1, L. Dennany2, M. Vennemann3. 1Flinders University, School of Biological Sciences, Bedford Park, Australia. 2University of Strathclyde, Centre for Forensic Science, Glasgow, United Kingdom. 3Forensische Molekulargenetik, Institut für Rechtsmedizin Münster, Münster, Germany.  
17:30 The effect of dyes on the near-infrared detection of bloodstaining on fabrics  P 039
Poster Presenter:  T. Mercer1, M. Fergusson2, E. Silenieks3. 1RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. 2RMIT University, Fashion and Textiles, Melbourne, Australia. 3Forensic Science SA, Evidence Recovery, Adelaide, Australia.  
17:30 Assessment of suitability of the adhesive tapes in cells separation by laser microdissection.  P 042
Poster Presenter:  A. Jaworska1, K. Baca1, P. Woliński1. 1Internal Security Agency, Forensic Laboratory, Warsaw, Poland.  
17:30 Usage of dental examination records in forensic identification  P 045
Poster Presenter:  F.E. Cevik1, H. Asliyüksek2, Y.H. Balcioglu3. 1Institute of Forensic Sciences- Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey. 2Institute of Forensic Science- Istanbul University-Council of Forensic Medicine, Department of Medical Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey. 3Bakirkoy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Mental Health and Neurological Diseases Education and Research Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Istanbul, Turkey.  


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