Poster Session III   
Forensic photography, audio and video examination and polygraph examination

Room:Poster Area Date & time:10-Sep-2015 17:30 18:30
17:30 Study of nonlinear deformation of fingerprint image correction  P 147
Poster Presenter:  X. DAI1. 1China criminal police university, Forensic science, shenyang, China Peoples Republic.  
17:30 Distance assessment in a shooting case  P 150
Poster Presenter:  K. Norell1, K. Brorsson Läthén1, S. Rattfält1, P. Bergström1. 1Swedish National Forensic Centre, Video and Audio, Linköping, Sweden.  
17:30 Digital image processing technology in criminal portrait  P 153
Poster Presenter:  M. Wang1, F. wang2. 1China Criminal Police university, Forensic ecience technology, shenyang, China Peoples Republic. 2China Criminal Police university, forensic science technology, sheyang, China Peoples Republic.  
17:30 Image background separation in combination with RGB channels and monochrome photography  P 156
Poster Presenter:  D. Xuejing1, B. jiajun1. 1China criminal police university, Forensic science, shenyang, China.  
17:30 INTERPOL survey of the use of speaker identification by law enforcement agencies  P 159
Poster Presenter:  G.S. Morrison1, F.H. Sahito1, G. Jardine1, D. Djokic1, S. Clavet1, S. Berghs1, C. Goemans Dorny1. 1INTERPOL, Office of Legal Affairs, Lyon, France.  


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