Poster Session III   
Forensic DNA analysis and related issues

Room:Poster Area Date & time:10-Sep-2015 17:30 18:30
17:30 Recovery of blood DNA and hair root DNA in function of the time from immerged evidence  P 162
Poster Presenter:  C. Frippiat1. 1National Institut of Criminalistic and Criminology, Biology, Brussel, Belgium.  
17:30 Mixed DNA profiles from single-donors  P 165
Poster Presenter:  L. Albinsson1, J. Hedman1, R. Ansell1. 1Swedish National Forensic Centre - NFC, Biology, Linköping, Sweden.  
17:30 Internal validation of Quantifiler® HP Quantification Kit in forensic casework in Slovak Institute of Forensic Science  P 168
Poster Presenter:  A. Bozikova1, A. Polakova1, P. Matejov1. 1Institute of Forensic Science, Department of Biology and Genetic Analysis, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.  
17:30 Inventory of crime scene samples in the Swedish national DNA database after 15 years in action  P 171
Poster Presenter:  K. Hedberg1. 1The Swedish National Forensic Centre NFC, Biology Unit, Linköping, Sweden.  
17:30 "Generation of successful DNA profiles from the pits and peels of 24 edibles and their usein forensics"  P 174
Poster Presenter:  M. Naseer1, M. Tahir2. 1Punjab Forensic Science Agency- Lahor- Paksiatn, Crime Scene Investigation Unit, Lahore, Pakistan. 2Punjab Forensic Science Agency, Director General, Lahore, Pakistan.  
17:30 Investigation of the influence of common fingerprint enhancement techniques on subsequent DNA analysis  P 177
Poster Presenter:  M. Trimborn1, H. Brumm2, V. Amajuru2, K. Kaulfuß2, G. Bläß2. 1Berlin Police - Forensic Science Institute, Berlin, Germany. 2Berlin Police - Forensic Science Institute, DNA-Analytics, Berlin, Germany.  
17:30 Investigation of the relationship between demographic factors and global DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation levels  P 180
Poster Presenter:  S. Semen1, S. Mercan1, Z. Habip2, M. Acikkol1. 1Istanbul University-Institute of Forensic Sciences, Forensic Toxicology, Istanbul, Turkey. 2Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Department of Medical Microbiology, Istanbul, Turkey.  
17:30 Evaluation of direct PCR in cases of alleged sexual assault  P 183
Poster Presenter:  S. Tobe1, Y. Swaran2, L. Dennany3, U. Sibbing4, L. Welch3, M. Vennemann4. 1Flinders University, School of Biological Sciences, Bedford Park, Australia. 2Department of Chemistry Malaysia, Forensic Division, Jalan Sultan, Malaysia. 3University of Strathclyde, Centre for Forensic Science, Glasgow, United Kingdom. 4Forensische Molekulargenetik, Institut für Rechtsmedizin Münster, Münster, Germany.  
17:30 The effect of a singular population structure on forensic analysis  P 186
Poster Presenter:  A. Neuvonen1, J. Palo2, M. Putkonen2, A. Sajantila3. 1University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland. 2University of Helsinki, Laboratory of Forensic Biology- Hjelt Institute, Helsinki, Finland. 3University of Helsinki, Department of Forensic Medicine- Hjelt Institute, Helsinki, Finland.  
17:30 Choosing supplementary markers in a difficult paternity casework  P 189
Poster Presenter:  B.A. Wiem1, K. Arwa2, M. Nadia2, B. Sami3, G. Lilia2, H. Faiza2, Z. Malek2, M. Hafedh2, H. Zouheir4, M. Samir3. 1EPS Habib Bourguiba, Sfax, Tunisia. 2EPS Hedi Chaker, Genetic Laboratory, Sfax, Tunisia. 3EPS Habib Bourguiba, Forensic science department, Sfax, Tunisia. 4EPS Habib Bourguiba, Forensic department, Sfax, Tunisia.  
17:30 Forensic soil discrimination: exploring artefacts associated with bioinformatics tools and parameters  P 192
Poster Presenter:  J.M. Young1, L.S. Weyrich1, J. Breen1, J. Austin1. 1University of Adelaide, Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, Adelaide, Australia.  
17:30 Mutation rates of y-chromosomal short tandem repeat (STR) markers of filipinos across families  P 195
Poster Presenter:  M.C. De Ungria1,2, L. Carandang2, J. Salvador1,2. 1Natural Sciences Research Institute- University of the Philippines, DNA Analysis Laboratory, Quezon City, Philippines. 2Philippine Genome Center- University of the Philippines, Program on Forensics and Ethnicity, Quezon City, Philippines.  
17:30 Validation of and investigation into Promega’s PowerPlex® Y23 multiplex kit  P 198
Poster Presenter:  J. Howarth1, J. Patel2. 1ESR, Auckland, New Zealand. 2ESR, Forensic Biology, Auckland, New Zealand.  
Poster Presenter:  H. SHARMA1, D.K. SATPATHI2, A. Kumar3. 1REGIONAL FORENSIC SCIENCE LAB, C.I.D-HOME DEPARTMENT- GOVERNMENT OF MADHYA PRADESH, BHOPAL, India. 2MEDICO LEGAL, HOME DEPARTMENT- GOVERNMENT OF MADHYA PRADESH, BHOPAL, India. 3All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, New Delhi, India.  
17:30 Analysis on Y-STRs and Y haplogroups in Indonesia  P 204
Poster Presenter:  T. Yamamoto1, A. Shirakawa1, T. Dhanardhono2. 1Nagoya University, Legal Medicine and Bioethics, Nagoya, Japan. 2Diponegoro University, Forensic and Legal Medicine, Semarang, Indonesia.  


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