Poster Session III   
Crime scene and DVI

Room:Poster Area Date & time:10-Sep-2015 17:30 18:30
17:30 Medico-legal investigation of the MH17 disaster  P 231
Poster Presenter:  B. Kubat1, R. Gerretsen2, M. van Wijk2, R. Georgieva2, B. Oude Grotebevelsborg2. 1Netherlands Forensic Institute- Maastricht University, Pathology, The Hague, Netherlands. 2Netherlands Forensic Institute, MFO, The Hague, Netherlands.  
17:30 Amphibious body bag  P 234
Poster Presenter:  Y. SCHULIAR1, D. SONNOIS2, J.C. LOUARN3, E. FLAMBARD4, T. LEZEAU5, F. DAOUST6. 1Criminal Center of National Gendarmerie, Pontoise, France. 2Gendarmerie nationale, Gendarmerie maritime, Marseille, France. 3french navy, scuba-diver, Saint.Mandrier, France. 4Squale-Nautiraid, Nautiraid, Vaiges, France. 5FCF, Forensic Consulting France, Questembert, France. 6Criminal Center of the National Gendarmerie, IRCGN, Pontoise, France.  
17:30 Accident or crime – 3D crime scene reconstruction  P 237
Poster Presenter:  Ç. Özdemir1, H. Asil1, L. Çoruh2, H. Kar3. 1Erciyes University, Forensic Medicine, Kayseri, Turkey. 2Erciyes University, Visual Communication Design, Kayseri, Turkey. 3Mersin University, Forensic Medicine, Mersin, Turkey.  
17:30 Need for adoption of protocols identification in the multidisciplinary team  P 240
Poster Presenter:  A. BARBARO1, A.D. BRIEM STAMM2, J. ALAMINA3, M.C. Pastora Cuba4, A. LA MARCA5. 1SIMEF, Forensic Genetics, Reggio Calabria, Italy. 2National Gendarmerie Argentina, Forensic Science, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 3Unidad Especializada en Psic. Jurídica y Forense, UEPJyF, Mérida, Mexico. 4Clínica Odontológica Euroamericana, Forensic odontology, Lima, Peru. 5Studio Indagini Mediche E Forensi SIMEF, Biometry, Reggio Calabria, Italy.  
17:30 This is the title of my abstract: From conflict to justice: the importance of the forensic investigation  P 246
Poster Presenter:  S. Matejic1, M. Saranovic2. 1Faculty of Medicine in Kosovska Mitrovica- University of Prishtina- Commission on Missing Persons- Goverment of the Republic of Serbia, Department of Forensic Medicine, Belgrade, Serbia. 2Institute of Anatomy, Medical Faculty in Kosovska Mitrovica- University of Prishtina, Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia.  
17:30 Mass disaster: the fifty years' experience of the Department of Legal Medicine -"Sapienza" University of Rome  P 249
Poster Presenter:  R. Cecchi1, M. Aromatario1, E. Bottoni1, S. Cappelletti1, P.A. Fiore1, L. Cipolloni1, F.S. Romolo1, N.M. di Luca1, C. Ciallella1. 1Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Anatomical- Histological- Forensic Medicine and Orthopedic Sciences, Rome, Italy.  
17:30 A qualitative comparison of presumptive tests for blood on thermally altered bloodstains.  P 250
Poster Presenter:  T. Krap1, L. Busscher2, J. Meurs3, R.J. Oostra1, W. Duijst3. 1Academic Medical Center, Anatomy- Embryology & Physiology, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2Van Hall Larenstein- University of Applied Sciences, Life Sciences & Technology - Biotechnology- Forensic Science, Leeuwarden, Netherlands. 3Ars Cogniscendi, Center for forensic and legal medicine, Wezep, Netherlands.  
17:30 Medico-Legal aspects of managing mass causalities: Sri Lankan experience  P 407
Poster Presenter:  P.R. Ruwanpura1. 1General Sir John Kotelawela Defense University and Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, Forensic Medicine, Galle, Sri Lanka.  


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