11th EES Scientific programme overview

Poster session


Poster area-Liffey A    Date: 01-Oct-2014    From: 14:00    To: 14:45

Infusing Evaluation into Arts Programs: An Example from the U.S.A.  PO 01
:  Marion Terenzio1, Patricia O'Connor2. 1Bloomfield College, Bloomfield (NJ), USA. 2The Sage Colleges, Troy (NY), USA.  
The Process of Developing a Measure of Family Improvement: Lessons Learned  PO 02
:  Patricia O'Connor1. 1The Sage Colleges, Troy (NY), USA.  
Research on pure effect of human resources development program in Korea (Brain Korea 21 program)  PO 03
:  Soon Cheon Byeon1, Seong Jin Kim1, Yong Soo Ko1. 1KISTEP (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation and Planning), HRST Policy Division, Seoul, Republic of Korea.  
Using Appreciative Inquiry for Workplace Learning: Preliminary Findings  PO 04
:  Gail Vallance Barrington1, Sandra Woodhead Lyons2, Don McLeod3. 1Barrington Research Group Inc., Calgary, Canada. 2Institute for Continuing Care Education and Research, Edmonton, Canada. 3Bethany Care Society, Calgary, Canada.  
Network Analysis on a Shoestring: Accessible, Creative, and FREE  PO 05
:  William Faulkner1. 1Plan Políticas Públicas (PlanPP), Sao Paulo, Brazil.  
Effective evaluations of interventions to end violence against women and girls – findings from a qualitative comparative analysis  PO 06
:  Michaela Raab1, Wolfgang Stuppert1. 1Michaela Raab and Wolfgang Stuppert, Berlin, Germany.  
Theory of Change: discussions and learnings from an inovative and complex evaluation process  PO 07
:  Antonio Ribeiro1, Daniel Brandao2. 1Move Social, Projects, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2Move Social, Executive Director, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  
The Meta-evaluation Dashboard: an innovative screening tool to visualize all the methodology details of an evaluation ('s report) at a glance  PO 08
:  Sara Vaca1. 1Universidad Complutense De Madrid, Madrid, Spain.  
The community of evaluation in Spain 2009-2014: advances and set-backs  PO 09
:  Belen Rodriguez Navas1, Isabel Morandeira Sanchez1, Maria Bustelo Ruesta1. 1Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain.  
Enhancing human rights through excavation, exhibition and Internet  PO 10
:  Josefine Hjort1. 1Bohuslan Museum, Uddevalla, Sweden.  
The effectiveness of a form of community children welfare: the case of SOS Children’s Villages in Italy  PO 11
:  Giuseppe Moro1. 1Universita di Bari, Education Psychology and Communication, Bari, Italy.  
Formative evaluation of the ThinkTwice school-based lifeskills programme for the prevention of child sexual abuse  PO 12
:  Deirdre Margo Rule1. 1University of Cape Town, Social Development, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa.  
Characterization of the political and organizational context at the implementation of Program for the Enhancement of Primary Health Care Professionals–PROVAB  PO 13
:  Raquel Maria Torres1, Solange Kanso2, Catia Oliveira1, Marly Cruz1, Aline Leal1, Ana Reis3, Silvia Carvalho4, Antonio Lima1. 1LASER/ENSP/Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2IPEA and LASER/ENSP/Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 3SES and LASER/ENSP/Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 4SES/Unigranrio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  
Evaluation of a research initiative involving government-university-industry networks  PO 14
:  Frances Lawrenz1. 1University of Minnesota, Educational Psychology, Minneapolis, USA.  
Evaluating tobacco control policy implementation: A proposed framework for low- and middle-income countries  PO 15
:  Mark Spires1, Ryan Kennedy1, Stephen Tamplin1, Joanna Cohen1. 1Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Institute for Global Tobacco Control, Baltimore, USA.  
Self-evaluation System of Information Technology Projects in Korean Central Government : Institution and Practices  PO 16
:  Jae Dong Jung1. 1National Information Society Agency, IT Evaluation and Analysis Dept., Seoul, Republic of Korea.  

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