G01 Reference Frames

IAG (Geodesy)

29-Jun-2015, 13:30 - 15:00

Abstract content:

GRASP 2015 – revised design and data analysis for a mission to improve the terrestrial reference frame

The Geodetic Reference Antenna in Space (GRASP) mission concept will be proposed once more to NASA in response to the expected Earth Venture Mission (EV-M) call in 2015. While the mission remains dedicated to the collocation in space of the four geodetic techniques used to the determine the terrestrial reference frame, namely GNSS, SLR, VLBI, and DORIS, the updated mission architecture contains several important improvements relative to the well-received concept that was proposed in 2011. These include changes to the orbital configuration, the onboard space geodetic sensors, and to the spacecraft. We will describe the new mission architecture and present new data analysis using both simulations and actual data to demonstrate the transformative contributions of this mission to the production of terrestrial reference frames meeting the exacting GGOS requirements.

Y. Barsever1, B. Haines2, M. Heflin2, D. Kuang2, A. Sibois2, R.S. Nerem3.
1JPL, Pasadena, USA.
2Caltech, JPL, Pasadena, USA.
3University of Colorado, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, Boulder, USA.