JS06/JP06 Array Techniques for Monitoring the State of the Earth (IASPEI, IAPSO, IAGA) / Acoustical Oceanography (IAPSO, IASPEI)

Joint Inter-Association Symposium

27-Jun-2015, 15:00 - 16:30

Abstract content:

Advances in subterranean electric instrumentation applying on a global scale

Last few decades the geophysics, astrophysics and cosmophysics have run tight together. Theoretical, empirical and experimental researches were carried out to study nonstationary processes in subterranean, overground spheres, near Earth space and Solar system. The question is to determine a common nature of different phenomena, their relationship and variability. Electric circuits approach advances knowledge in the areas of the nonstationary phenomena and deals with new engineer-based instrumentation to investigate local manifestation of global electric phenomena. Since 1990 such new technique was applied to observe pulse subterranean electric parameters on the boundary of the tectonosphere-atmosphere on Kamchatka. Pulse manifestations of subterranean electric parameters are the essential part of electric processes in the electric circuits closed through the Earth’s core and solar corona (modified Solar Terrestrial Energy Program 1990/95 scheme) and in gigantic electric circuits of the Solar System and Galaxy. New technique to observe subterranean electric parameters involves the operational (from 30 days to “0”) prediction of tectonic sporadic phenomena. Since 2012 subterranean electric instrumentation network has covered northern hemisphere. The report sums recent activities in the field and propose the necessity to set subterranean electric instrumentation all over the globe.

V. Bobrovskiy1.
1Distant School Cosmic-Meteo-Tectonics, Electric circuits and pulse electrical processes in the Galaxy-Helio-Planets System, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia.


cosmic-meteo-tectonic correlations     electric circuit     subterranean electric signal     instrumentation