HS01 Changes in Flood Risk and Perception in Catchments and Cities

IAHS (Hydrology)

23-Jun-2015, 15:00 - 16:30

Abstract content:

High resolution radar rainfall for urban pluvial food risk analysis and control

Cities are particularly vulnerable to flooding induced by intense precipitation due to their high degree of imperviousness and concentration of high value assets. Urban floods are typically characterised by their rapid onset and localised nature. This implies that precipitation and catchment information need to be available at high resolution to reliably predict hydrological response and potential flooding. Thanks to recent advances in weather radar technology, precipitation can currently be measured at high temporal and spatial resolution, using polarimetric X-band radar. In the European RainGain project (EU-Interreg IVB NWE), two of these radars were purchased and tested in Paris and Rotterdam, and other radar configurations (single polarization X-band and C-band super-resolution) were implemented in London and Leuven. High resolution rainfall and hydrodynamic modelling techniques were implemented at seven different pilot sites to analyse catchment sensitivity to local rainfall peaks. Results will be used to identify critical flood risk locations to support water authorities in the project consortium to improve flood control schemes. Initial results of hydrodynamic modelling using high resolution precipitation inputs from polarimetric X-band radar will be presented for a range of events, followed by an analysis of differences in hydrodynamic response behaviour between the pilots. Implications for urban flood control at the pilots will be discussed in the light of modelling results as well as in the context of constraints set by water management strategies in the different cities.

J. ten Veldhuis1, S. Ochoa-Rodriguez2, S. Gaitan1, C. Onof2, A. Gires3, J. van Assel4, A. Ichiba5, I. Tchiguirinskaia3, L. Wang6, P. Willems6.
1Delft University of Technology, Watermanagement, Delft, Netherlands.
2Imperial College London, Water Management, London, United Kingdom.
3Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, LEESU, Paris, France.
4Aquafin, Research&Development, Antwerp, Belgium.
5Conseil-General Val-de-Marne, Gestion Eau, Paris, France.
6KU Leuven, Bouwkunde, Leuven, Belgium.


flood risk     urban flooding     radar rainfall     urban hydrology     high resolution rainfall     urban catchments     flood risk control