S01g/S11 Seismological Observation and Interpretation: The Future of the Global Seismic Infrastructures, Forensic Seismology and CTBTO Data

IASPEI (Seismology, Geophysics)

Session 1

Room: South Hall 1
Date & time: July 01, 10:30 - 12:00

Convener: Goran Ekstrom (USA)

Co-convener(s): Patrick Grenard (Austria), John Clinton (Switzerland), Hitoshi Kawakatsu (Japan), Domenico Giardini (Switzerland), Zhongliang Wu (China)

10:30   -   Seismic networks and earthquake monitoring in Europe in the digital era: ORFEUS and the contribution of Torild van Eck IUGG-5521
Speaker:  Domenico Giardini (Switzerland)
10:45   -   International AlpArray science program calls for combined permanent and temporary seismic station array unprecedented in quantity and quality IUGG-4244
Speaker:  Edi Kissling (Switzerland)
11:00   -   NIED observation networks for earthquakes and tsunamis IUGG-5160
Speaker:  Shin Aoi (Japan)
11:15   -   The GEOFON program: past, current and future developments IUGG-4904
Speaker:  Angelo Strollo (Germany)
11:30   -   The Brazilian seismic network - RSBR IUGG-5143
Speaker:  Marcelo Assumpcao (Brazil)
11:45   -   Pacific Array IUGG-1473
Speaker:  Hitoshi Kawakatsu (Japan)