A11 Electrodynamics and Energetics of the Middle Atmosphere Exploration with Ground and Space Experiments (Div. II-A)

IAGA (Aeronomy, Geomagnetism)

Poster session (also day before 15.30-16.00 & 18.00-19.30 & today 18.00-19.30)

Room: Poster Area (Foyer)
Date & time: June 28, 15:00 - 16:30

Convener: Martin Fullekrug (United Kingdom)

Co-convener(s): Fernanda Sao Sabbas (Brazil), Mitsuteru Sato (Japan), Ondrej Santolik (Czech Republic)

Chair(s): Mitsuteru Sato (Japan)

15:00  -   Atmospheric background and burst gamma radiation recorded on board the Russian Segment of the International Space Station A11p-133
Poster Presenter:  Vladimir Kuznetsov (Russian Federation)
15:00  -   Geophysical surveys in Hessdalen valley (Norway): New light on Hessdalen lights A11p-135
Poster Presenter:  Jacques Zlotnicki (France)
15:00  -   Overview of the transient luminous events in Hessdalen, Norway. A11p-136
Poster Presenter:  Erling Strand (Norway)
15:00  -   Broad band high frequency analyzer for measurements of lightning-induced signals onboard the TARANIS satellite A11p-137
Poster Presenter:  Ondrej Santolik (Czech Republic)
15:00  -   Sprites observed by all-sky cameras in Slovakia A11p-138
Poster Presenter:  Adriena Ondraskova (Slovakia)
15:00  -   Variations of the natural neutron flux (0.02 Ev–10 MeV) observed at ground level in the Brazilian tropics: Possible causes A11p-139
Poster Presenter:  Walther Spjeldvik (USA)
15:00  -   Two methods of the Schumann resonance modal frequencies determination A11p-140
Poster Presenter:  Adriena Ondraskova (Slovakia)
15:00  -   Map of low frequency electromagnetic noise in the sky A11p-141
Poster Presenter:  Martin Fullekrug (United Kingdom)
15:00  -   Theoretical model of unipolar and bipolar trains of magnetic field pulses preceding lightning discharges A11p-142
Poster Presenter:  Petr Kaspar (Czech Republic)