M02 Advances in Atmospheric Dynamics Including Topographic Forcing

IAMAS (Meteorology)

Poster session (also day before 15.30-16.00 & 18.00-19.30 & today 18.00-19.30)

Room: Poster Area (Foyer)
Date & time: June 24, 15:00 - 16:30

Convener: Thomas Spengler (Norway)

Co-convener(s): Olivia Romppainen-Martius (Switzerland), Michael Kurgansky (Russian Federation), Nili Harnik (Israel), Vanda Grubisic (USA), Evelyne Richard (France)

15:00  -   The utility of enstrophy based diagnostic tools in examining atmospheric blocking M02p-346
Poster Presenter:  Anthony Lupo (USA)
15:00  -   The continuous vibration of Eurasia with the northern cyclone M02p-347
Poster Presenter:  Yanbin Zhang (China)
15:00  -   The variation of different blocking highs and its influence on temperature in North Hemisphere M02p-348
Poster Presenter:  Yan Li (China)
15:00  -   Climatological analysis of the tendencies of the slope of isentropic surfaces over the North Atlantic M02p-349
Poster Presenter:  Lukas Papritz (Switzerland)
15:00  -   On the Co-Occurrence of Warm Conveyor Belt Outflows and PV Streamers M02p-350
Poster Presenter:  Erica Madonna (Switzerland)
15:00  -   Disentangling the co-variability of jet location and intensity M02p-351
Poster Presenter:  Thomas Spengler (Norway)
15:00  -   "Temporal Clustering of Regional-scale Extreme Precipitation Events in Southern Switzerland" M02p-352
Poster Presenter:  Paraskevi Giannakaki (Switzerland)
15:00  -   Simultaneous multiple radiosonde launches across a mountain range captured two types of strong local winds M02p-353
Poster Presenter:  Kensuke Komatsu (Japan)
15:00  -   The theoretical study of the time tendency equation of the frontogenesis function M02p-354
Poster Presenter:  Zhaoxia Hu (China)
15:00  -   Sensitivity of circulation biases to orographic drag M02p-355
Poster Presenter:  Annelize van Niekerk (United Kingdom)
15:00  -   Mountain gravity waves: A new family of solutions M02p-356
Poster Presenter:  Francois Lott (France)
15:00  -   Forecast errors of Rosbby waveguides: An object-basedspatial forecast verification tool and a short climatology of forecasterrors. M02p-357
Poster Presenter:  Paraskevi Giannakaki (Switzerland)
15:00  -   Leading modes of variability in AP simulations M02p-358
Poster Presenter:  Thomas Toniazzo (Norway)
15:00  -   High-resolution measurements of vertical velocity and their power spectra observed with the MAARSY radar at And√łya, Norway (69.30N, 16.04E) M02p-359
Poster Presenter:  Qiang Li (Germany)
15:00  -   Influence of summer blocking on atmospheric circulation in East Asia M02p-360
Poster Presenter:  Joong-Bae Ahn (Korea (Republic of))
15:00  -   Phase-speed analysis of annular mode anomalies M02p-361
Poster Presenter:  Nick Byrne (United Kingdom)
15:00  -   Stratified water tank experiments of lee wave and rotor development in flow over double ridges M02p-362
Poster Presenter:  Stefano Serafin (Austria)
15:00  -   The splitting of synoptic systems at the Rocky mountain barrier M02p-363
Poster Presenter:  Thomas Spengler (Norway)
15:00  -   Dynamics of a local Alpine flooding event in October 2011: Moisture source and large-scale circulation M02p-364
Poster Presenter:  Nicolas Piaget (Switzerland)
15:00  -   A high quality reprocessed ground-based GPS dataset for atmospheric process studies, radiosonde and model evaluation, and reanalysis of HYMEX SOP M02p-365
Poster Presenter:  Olivier Bock (France)
15:00  -   Diurnal cycle of convective activity in the Tropics observed by Rain Radar mounted on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite M02p-366
Poster Presenter:  Masayuki Hara (Japan)
15:00  -   Impact of mesoscale meteorological processes on anomalous radar propagation conditions M02p-367
Poster Presenter:  Maja Telisman Prtenjak (Croatia)
15:00  -   Impacts of convection initiation on the diurnal rainfall cycle over tropical lands M02p-368
Poster Presenter:  Yi-Chi Wang (Taiwan )
15:00  -   Analysis of the barotropic sudden warming in a global model M02p-370
Poster Presenter:  Richard Scott (United Kingdom)
15:00  -   Equilibration of the wave energy spectrum in different jet regimes M02p-371
Poster Presenter:  Nili Harnik (Israel)
15:00  -   Numerical investigation for effects of vertical wind shear on cloud droplet spectra broadening at lateral boundary of cumulus clouds M02p-369
Poster Presenter:  Yongqing Wang (China)