HW02 Hydrological Model Intercomparison for Climate Impact Assessments

IAHS (Hydrology)

Session 1

Room: Club E
Date & time: June 23, 10:30 - 12:00

Convener: Valentina Krysanova (Germany)

Co-convener(s): Berit Arheimer (Sweden), Eva Boegh (Denmark), Alexander Gelfan (Russian Federation), Ingjerd Haddeland (Norway), Neil Holbrook (Australia), Jianping Li (China), Stewart Franks (Australia), Guoqing Wang (China)

Chair(s): Berit Arheimer (Sweden)

10:30   -   Bridging the global and regional hydrological scales in climate impact assessment IUGG-4806
Speaker:  Fred Fokko Hattermann (Germany)
10:45   -   Intercomparison of energy balance and hydrological models to simulate monthly evapotranspiration of the Blue Nile basin. IUGG-4424
Speaker:  Tadesse Alemayehu (Belgium)
11:00   -   Variability of eco-hydrological elements simulated with an eco-hydrological model integrating remotely sensed product from 1981 to 2012 over China IUGG-5371
Speaker:  Xingguo Mo (China)
11:15   -   France-wide future evolution of discharges for the next decades: a multi-RCP/GCM/hydrological model and calibration exercise IUGG-2009
Speaker:  Guillaume Thirel (France)
11:30   -   Characterizing and reducing uncertainties in hydrologic projection of Columbia river basin using objective multiple climate and hydrologic models IUGG-4629
Speaker:  Hamid Moradkhani (USA)
11:45   -   Hydrological model intercomparison for climate impact assessments of two typical catchments of China IUGG-3401
Speaker:  Guoqing Wang (China)